massage in shanghai

Massage in Shanghai

Sometimes you really need a relaxing massage when you stay in Shanghai.

Sometimes the hotel has its own spa, but you would rather get a massage in your room. Maybe you are a business traveler who is short on time or requesting a massage outside of regular spa hours. Sometimes you are a celebrity who doesn’t want to mingle…

Therefore, another way to enjoy a massage in Shanghai is in the comfort of your hotel room. We can provide a massage faster in your room than it would take you to go outside and find a massage parlor. Most of the massage parlors are closed after midnight, but we can provide 24 hours service, so you can enjoy a massage anytime in your hotel room. Our massage therapists can go to most hotels in Shanghai (Most hotels approve of a massage therapist visiting your room).

We make it easy for you to book a relaxing massage at your hotel in Shanghai. Our friendly, qualified therapists are available 24/7. Just sit back, relax, and we’ll come to you. With us you don’t need “go get a massage”, the massage comes to you.

Shanghai hotel massage makes your day or evening that much more easy and convenient. No need to fight traffic. No need to make any plans, other than relaxing and unwinding in the privacy and comfort of your hotel.

Benefits of receiving massage in Shanghai hotel room:

  • Eliminate the hassle of having to drive through rush hour traffic or finding your way in an unfamiliar location while on vacation. Finally, You can Relax!
  • Many people simply feel more comfortable in their own space. We bring everything with us!
  • For people dealing with serious injuries, having a massage therapist come to you may be the only way to experience the benefits of massage.
  • All our therapists are true professionals and fully certified and licensed massage therapists in the State of Shanghai. Some therapists have more than 5 years of experience with Shanghai Massage.
  • Mobile massage therapists have a flexible schedule. They often work weekends and holidays 24/7!
  • Mobile Massage therapists often have more competitive pricing than your hotel SPA. So, save money!
  • You can enjoy a nice long private bubble bath before or after your treatment with no designated cut off time. Treat yourself!
  • We offer more variety of Asian massage techniques not used in spas. Your therapist will use their own body weight with more stretching and pulling, so your knees and feet could be involved.


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